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Our Origins

What originally started as just a thought has now turned into an entire small business.

We love our pets, they are literally our family.

So why not feed them the best possible ingredients out there?

That's our goal & it's as simple as that.


Hi! Nice to meet you!

My name is Cindy & this is Mr. Peabody.

We are from the aloha state, Oahu, Hawaii and we love it here!

Mr. Peabody made our family whole in 2021, as an empty nested mother of 3,

Mr. Peabody has helped so much with working thorough life transitions and  I consider him my saving grace.

He provided me with a ray of sunshine that I didn't even realize I needed in my life.

Being the breed he is, a Golden Doodle,

they are known to have extremely sensitive tummies when it comes to food and treats.

As I shopped around my local pet stores, I realized, there was a lack in market for food and treats that stayed within the all-natural, preservative/additive-free area. The ingredients I saw scared me!

Red 40, Yellow 6, Canola oil, in dog treats?! It was madness!

I couldn't believe my eyes & I did not want to feed anything like that to Mr. Peabody.

So, I started doing tons of research online & started making homemade treats for him; and he went nuts!

Remembering the lack for these more natural products in the market,

Peabody & Co was born.

We love sharing our unique & flavorful, healthier alternative treats with you,

& we look forward to many more years to come.

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